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Company: Small- to Mid-level Winery

Challenge: Provide invoicing, compliance and freight solutions for winery shipments into high registration fee states. Provide direct control of sale, pricing and a platform for cost-effective shipment solutions.

Solution: Winery Access Network

Strengthen your brand. Empower your customer. Control your terms of sale. Retain your intimacy in a large wine & spirits market without compromising quality, time, labor or budget.

Boutique wineries and proprietors are especially burdened with budgets and expenses. Multi-state shipping consists of complex regulations, fees, assignments, and postings, which can inhibit sales and distribution growth. Our client challenged us to help increase their distribution and facilitate complicated billing needs for a Midwestern customer, while controlling their own sale and payments in a cost-effective and compliant way.

We opened an accessible channel for our client and their customer’s purchase which immediately increased order frequency, retained product confidence and created a seamless payment schedule without sacrificing profit margin.

The Solution: Winery Access Network. Bridging boundaries of state regulations and client needs, the Winery Access Network delivers a transparent system for the winery and end customer to negotiate their own terms of sale. This flows seamlessly through our shipping, billing and compliance platform.

Depending upon the needs, at the per-state level, Miller Squared can help customize this network for the winery. Starting with assigning tasks for compliance and labels, we assist in all administrative operations, invoicing, freight needs and collections. Above all, we keep it uncomplicated. Our services have a flat fee. No surcharges, no percentages, no run around.

We’re a company built upon the concept of enabling our clients to control their own destiny. Where quality service, experience and efficiency come standard. Build a larger base of distribution, gain market strength, increase label awareness, and uphold standards of quality at the winery with our Winery Access Network.