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Company: Leading Midwest Wine & Spirits Retailer

Challenge: Deliver a fully-integrated network of exclusive products. Provide direct access to vintners, direct control of per unit profits, high-margin sales, and the foundation for long term marketing success.

Solution: Direct Distribution Program

Face-to-face connection with suppliers. Transparent supply chain network. Streamlined commerce platform to buy and sell goods. Control your retail store’s own destiny.

The most important part of retail has always been the customer and very few corporations know or understand the reality and complexity of the local retail customer, like those face-to-face on the sales floor. Our client challenged us to increase their volume movement and per case profit, while sustaining quality, reputation and their retail mission.

Miller Squared knows this challenge well through 25 years of experience in the 3-tier system of distribution. It was with the development of an advanced strategic plan, comprehensive market analysis and extensive distribution channels that facilitated a leading Midwest retailer to turn over a 30% per case profit while reducing their expenditure of labor, delivery time, overhead costs of warehousing/inventory control, and administrative hours.

The Solution: Direct Distribution. An all-in-one program that fulfills each part of a retail supply chain. Beginning with procurement, the retailer consults through our network of international or domestic vendors to customize a purchasing agreement and a monthly, quarterly or annual shipping plan. With the security of pricing, built-in flexibility of customization, Miller Squared’s Direct Distribution provides all procurement, consolidation, labeling, compliance, insurance, importation, inventory control and dock-to-dock shipping.

Unlike other programs in the U.S. that might only fulfill one part of the supply chain, this prevents the retailer from vulnerability of currency, overstocking, and national price posting. Miller Squared’s Direct Distribution is a fully-integrated licensed program, and a fully committed platform for wine & spirits supply that can help make your business more effective, more productive and more competitive.

Key product placement and sales marketing confidence is within your reach, while allowing you and your customers to enjoy what is best about wine & spirits.