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Society of Wine Educators Examinations

May 21, 2012

Any wine related organization that wants certification and education standards for your staff - Society of Wine Educators is a non-profit education program that validates wine and spirits knowledge - a crucial advantage for a confident, performance driven sales program. Start here.

The Society of Wine Educators, a non-profit association Miller Squared is proud to remain members of provides a self-study educational program that is internationally recognized and highly regarded certifications in the wine and spirits industry. We urge you to view the website to begin your first look at becoming part of the society:

How Does Miller Squared Work With the TTB? And What Does That Mean For You?

September 26, 2011

A partnership with Miller Squared helps ensure standard compliant practices with the US alcohol regulating body, the TTB. Here's their story:

Released by TTB: The history of taxation and regulatory control on the alcohol and tobacco industries is as old as our nation itself. Since 1789, the United States Treasury Department and its Bureaus have played an integral role in writing its history and in defining our nation's identity. The Department's work with the alcohol and tobacco industries has been carried out by numerous agencies under just as many names, but those individuals serving to uphold the government's interests share in more than two centuries of dedicated service to the American people.

Today, the Department's work with the alcohol and tobacco industries is carried out by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB. TTB was created in January of 2003, when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or ATF, was extensively reorganized under the provisions of the Homeland Security Act of 2002. The Act called for the tax collection functions to remain with the Department of the Treasury, and TTB was born.

TTB's mission is simple... to collect alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and ammunition excise taxes that are rightfully due; to protect the consumer of alcohol beverages through compliance programs that are based upon education and enforcement of the industry to ensure an effectively regulated marketplace; and to assist industry members to understand and comply with Federal tax, product, and marketing requirements associated with the commodities we regulate. And while TTB is the newest Bureau under the Department, the roots of its vision and mission date back to the creation of the Treasury Department and the first Federal taxes levied on distilled spirits in 1791.

As such, TTB builds upon a rich history, one that is marked with accomplishment and success. After all, it was a Treasury agency that collected the first source of tax income for our new Republic: an excise tax on distilled spirits. These taxes, as called for by Alexander Hamilton, paid off our nation's debt in the Revolutionary War. It was the Treasury Department that found itself in the middle of the Whiskey Rebellion, an event that would later come to stand as the first true test of our Federal government's legitimacy.

Later, Treasury collected taxes and issued stamps for alcohol and tobacco products in order to finance the Civil War. And during the early part of the twentieth century, the Treasury Department enforced the Eighteenth Amendment, and through the work of agents like Eliot Ness, leader of "The Untouchables," brought to justice those who used the illegal liquor industry to finance organized crime.

Today, TTB employs more than 500 people across the country, including our Headquarters Offices in Washington, D.C., and the National Revenue Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our staff is highly educated and technically trained; more than half are analysts, chemists, investigators and auditors. In addition, a large number of employees serve as financial, legal, information management, and computer specialists.

Today, TTB has reinvigorated its mission of collecting the revenue and protecting the public through modernized services and e-government initiatives. In the field, and here at headquarters, TTB employees put innovation into practice to more efficiently verify proper payments of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and ammunition excise taxes, to prevent misleading labeling and advertising of alcoholic beverages, and to ensure that our workforce, technology, and business practices meet the nation's needs efficiently and effectively.
Today, as throughout Treasury's history, the staff of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau forges a path that distinguishes itself by its efficiency and the creation of new and lasting partnerships with industry stakeholders, their representatives, interested advocacy groups, and the public.

Today, TTB continues to capitalize on its traditions while looking forward to building new ones in service to America and its people.

TTB. A proud past... a focused future.

Bordeaux 2010 Vintage Report Arrived

April 18, 2011

What’s better than having Professor Denis Dubourdieu and renowned critic Bill Blatch review the first release of Premier Cru Bordeaux? Not much. Here is your first sneak peek into the great vintage of 2010 Bordeaux.


Breaking News – 2009 Vintage Report – Must See!

February 9, 2010

Bill Blatch and Bob Bofman, global Bordeaux negociants, have released the very first full-length, extensive 2009 vintage report. This is a must read for Bordeaux buyers!


We’ve Geared Up for Launch of 2009 Bordeaux Futures

January 27, 2010

In response to the highly anticipated needs of the 2009 Bordeaux Futures Campaign, Miller Squared Inc. has implemented new staff and software changes making our company poised and ready to provide all-in-one ordering and logistics services for retailers, wholesalers and importers nationwide.

We work directly with accounts or marketing agents connected with global Bordeaux negociants to log order commitments, pricing confirmations and offer flexible USD or EURO payment options. Upon actual release of the goods, we then provide importation, insurance, container consolidations, compliance solutions and temperature-controlled delivery.

Over the past year, Miller Squared Inc. has successfully developed a fully-integrated accounting and order management system with our computer service provider Magstar Inc. This complete system provides customizable user reports, order management and accounting access for the timely needs of buyers and vendors during the campaign.

To boost our communication channels in 2010, we’ve installed an internet-phone network which unified our international marketers and negociants through a versatile internet call manager. It offers superior audio quality and unmatched reliability for direct access to Miller Squared.

In addition to our technical support, our best investment has been our talented new administrative staff. We’ve created dedicated departments in compliance, order entry and accounting to provide our clients with the best industry practices.

Through our customized programs, Miller Squared Inc. is a dedicated partner and service provider for this year’s 2009 Bordeaux Futures Campaign. For further company information, visit our website: or contact Jaclyn Ratajczyk at 847-403-7233. For specific Bordeaux En Primeur opportunities please contact Gregory Miller at 847-403-7215 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Wine Educator’s Conference Focus ON:  Compliance, Pricing and Distribution

August 7, 2009

Constantly on the pulse of the market, Miller Squared Inc. attended the International Society of Wine Educators (SWE) 33rd Annual Conference in Sacramento (July 27th to August 2nd). This event is arguably the most fascinating and challenging professional wine event of the year.

imageAs an SWE member since 1986, Miller Squared Inc. attended intense education courses and discussions focused on critical topics for the wine industry in this sleepy economic year, contributing vital insight on values in crowded markets, pricing of fine wine, statewide compliance and direct-to-trade distribution shipping practices. The discussions helped elevate participant’s understanding to our keen grasp within the US alcohol distribution network and how to work legally and productively through our business model.

imageAttendees varied in expertise from Certified Specialists of Wine, Certified Wine Educators, Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine and other trade professionals. Subjects discussed included: Sherry education, Sake tastings, organic vs. sustainable practices and Tête de Cuvée Champagne flights among others. Approximately 2,000 bottles were poured, 20,000 glasses used, and 17 major wine and spirit-making regions of the world were represented over the course of one week.

imageWe always strive to provide the highest and most informed services for our clients. Remaining up-to-date on what’s pouring, what’s selling and what’s being talked about in this turbulent market, Miller Squared Inc. truly remains your partner for distributing wine and spirits direct-to-trade. Call us now for more details on expanding your business ideas or more information on SWE.

Miller Squared Attends World’s Largest Wine Exhibition - Vinexpo

July 15, 2009

Success, Marketing, Inventory are Hot Topics at Event

The universal wine capital of the world, Bordeaux, hosted its 15th signature wine and spirits industry event of the year, Vinexpo 2009, which has become the leading platform for connecting suppliers to international wine professionals.

imageVinexpo is responsible for constructing the model of strategic thought in the wine and spirits industry. Top marketing companies and promoters launched a new program in 2007 which quickly generated an enhanced collaboration between retailers, distributors, logistics, IT solutions and compliance. In 2009, Miller Squared announced at Vinexpo we can customize this complete model for any marketing program.

Miller Squared is an active proponent in the international wine community. Our commitment to forming new partnerships and bridging our existing marketers and vendors was top priority at Vinexpo. We met with our close network of suppliers and distributors, to facilitate their ideas and needs, through our expanding network of services.

imageOur new stateside warehouse and inventory control program was a key topic for marketers and suppliers. Complete with a stateside, bonded public warehouse, we offered vendors real-time inventory access, full logistics and compliance services, and a transparent sales model to forge their customer’s needs.

We can deliver success to your sales and marketing goals through our programs. Feel free to contact our office directly for more information on the ever-changing and exciting world of wine and spirits.

Boosting Sales & Brands in Tennessee

April 9, 2009

Bridging the Great Smoky Mountain gap between Tennessee consumers and global wineries and importers, Miller Squared embarks on a new wholesale enterprise with expected distributions in all four regions of the state.

Tennessee has one of the most rigid state alcohol regulations in terms of licensing and shipping, which is one of many reasons why we chose to expand into this market; to assist and educate consumers and wholesalers.

Launching this service through the state alcohol board, supports and protects Tennessee's 525+ retail stores, all small business-owned by Tennessee residents. These stores employ over 3,000 men and women and offer a knowledgeable workforce and profitable intrastate industry.

Boosting product quality, selection, profit and savings to each tier of distribution is our main goal and with our maximized efforts and authorized legal supply chains, you don’t have to let rigid regulations bog down sales. We can review your approaches to uncover the most supportive and valuable channel of distribution through the state of TN. Contact us for further information for inclusion into Tennessee: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A Texas-Sized Wine Wholesale Partner

March 31, 2009

Brothers Produce Inc, Fine Wine & Spirits Wholesalers launches its new, fully-licensed distribution program in the state of TX. Beginning operations this month, with direct access to over 150 retail stores in the Houston, Dallas & Austin area.

Miller Squared's newest "Direct Distribution" partners are Texas natives, Martin, Brent and Mike Erenwert of Brothers Produce. Operating their family business since 1980, they quickly became the largest full-service fresh produce distributor in central and southern Texas; recently expanding into a new, 40,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art facility in Dallas, TX.

Honesty and family values are at the core of their business philosophy which is right in line with our fundamental concepts of outstanding service, superb products and deep-rooted integrity.

With our guidance, Brothers Produce is now on board to provide a leading, regional grocery chain with our "Direct Distribution" program that exceeds standard per-unit retail profits, secures quality and maintains complete control over shipping channels. Opportunity is waiting. For more information on expanding your brands into Texas contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)