Miller Squared Inc. founder, Gregory D. Miller remains the driving force behind our innovative company. Launching solo operations in 2003, his business model broke from the normal wholesale chain to create a one-of-a-kind, full-service distribution enterprise. Greg’s wine and spirits experience began tossing cases on Georgia Street in Indianapolis for his Grandfather at Arch Beverage in the early 1970’s. This followed by working with his father Nathan throughout college and eventually in Chicago with a wine spirits wholesale and import business, Great Lakes Wine Company. Great Lakes Wine Company was sold in January of 2001 and Greg remained the General Manager until January 2003 until he founded Miller Squared Inc in May of the same year.

Starting in the Family

Greg’s grandfather, Arthur Cassell launched his family’s legacy during WWII when he managed whiskey and other spirits purchasing and distribution for the Navy General’s Clubs across the world while serving in New York City and then Washington D.C. After the war, he returned to Indianapolis and opened a full wholesale company in which Greg’s father, Nathan Miller eventually joined him and operated. After graduating from Indiana University in 1982, Greg initially worked for the Glenmore Distillery Company when he caught the wine bug and came into Great Lakes Wine Company. Married in the Spring of 1984, Greg and his wife Melissa, moved to Germany where Greg worked in the cellars and vineyards of Sanistatrat Dr. Dahlem, Oppenheim am Rhein. He learned to make wine during the time while also bottling the superb vintage year of 1983. He also worked in the vineyards and developed new marketing programs for the Dahlem’s family business. During their stay in Germany, Melissa worked in the freight forwarding department of J. F. Hillebrand, Maniz while the two enjoyed the Spring, Summer and Fall of 1984. Upon returning to Chicago in the Winter of 1985, Greg worked for the Great Lakes Wine Company in numerous roles including sales, administration, purchasing, finance, marketing, and logistics. Melissa formally joined Great Lakes Wine Company in a financial and logistics role in the Summer of 1994, after taking time off to raise their three children. This bridging of the ‘old world’ with the ‘new’ has is the recipe that has filled his family's cup and honored their long tradition as fine wine and spirits importers and wholesalers.

Leading the Way

Through providing key market information and strategic planning designs throughout his career, Greg lends an extension of knowledge with his clients that is invaluable. We adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement and performance evaluation to find the best outlet to work with you. Understanding the scope and needs of the ever-evolving liquor industry has been our main vocation over the years and has been the foundation for all business ventures of Miller Squared Inc.

Our Team

Gregory D. Miller - President

Founder and CEO of Miller Squared Inc., Greg oversees all business and financial operations. From 1983 to 2002, he directed sales, distribution, accounting, and personnel for Great Lakes Wine Company. Greg serves his customer's needs while volunteering to keep a busy life much of which intertwines love of food, wine and caring for others. Greg serves as a member of the Society of Wine Educators and Order des Canardieres. For more information feel free to contact Greg at: gmiller@millersquaredinc.com

Melissa-Ann Miller – Director of Compliance

Full-service federal and state label registrations and renewals. Price postings, solicitor permits, notary services, direct-shipping and marketing sample shipments. For more information contact Melissa at: mmiller@millersquaredinc.com

Susan Jones – Director of Operations

Supervising logistics, purchasing, and warehousing, Susan implements strategic marketing principles and effective distribution procedures for client and supplier satisfaction. She also leads our company’s public relations, marketing department, fusing our practices with the most up-to-date innovations in alcohol distribution and computer IT needs. For more information contact Susan at: sjones@millersquaredinc.com

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