Miller Squared, Inc.
Our Team

Company Profile History

Miller Squared Inc. founder, Gregory Miller remains the driving force behind our innovative company. Launching solo operations in 2003, his business model broke from the normal wholesale chain to create a one-of-a-kind, full service distribution enterprise.

Starting in the Family
Greg’s grandfather, Arthur Cassell launched his family’s legacy during WWII when he managed whiskey purchasing and distribution for the Navy General’s Clubs across the world. After the war, he opened a wine wholesale company in Indianapolis which Greg’s father, Nathan Miller began operating. After graduating from Indiana University, Greg was given a term at Weingut Dr. Dahlem in Oppenheim, Germany where he learned the wine business from the ground up; pruning and picking grapes, implementing wine sales programs and cellar management. Bridging the ‘old world’ with the ‘new’ has filled his family's long tradition as fine wine and spirits importers.

Leading the Way
Through providing key market information and strategic planning designs throughout his career, Greg lends an extension of knowledge with his clients that is invaluable. We adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement and performance evaluation to find the best outlet to work with you. Understanding the scope and needs of the ever-evolving liquor industry has been our main vocation over the years and has been the foundation for all business ventures of Miller Squared Inc.